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Full Version: Corp officespace in 2070
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I've a similar question before, but this time I'll provide some of my own detail:

So given the free-form or even non-form of the Matrix 2070, I've been struggling with how exactly a corp would probably go about setting up a mesh network of devices. I'm think the below model could be typical office-building type of corp.

For cameras, given the smaller signal rating, "zones" or groups of cameras would be subscribed to clusters of controller type node/device(s). Those cluster would then be subscribed to a "master camera control" type of device, the root as it were. You could also piggy-back other security devices on the same system devices as well.

Normal controls to doors, lights, HVAC and locks might be a seperate control network have it's own control nodes. Computer systems, databases and other control systems would probably be on their own mesh network as well.

I'd think once the networks child nodes came to a certain point, that the remaining distance to the "master control" might be actually wired instead of wireless although I could see much of the non-security nodes as wireless mesh.

Wrap all the wireless nodes up in 3+ encryption (5+ for more paranoid nodes) and I think you've got a reasonable setup.

Anyone else do something similar?


That's about right for my games as well. I vary the number of nodes and the distribution of nodes to reflect the security concerns of each individual facility, but it's a good setup that you describe, if complicated.

the thing about mesh networks is that each device acts as a retransmission unit. so within reasonable number of hops, a camera would send its data to the next camera and it would jump from camera to camera until it hits the control node for the cameras...

so you could maybe scale it back to one node pr floor or area (high security areas would probably have signal blocking wallpaper in place with a fiberlink to the outside world for the security stuff).

doors i would run on the same system as the cameras (nice to have a door saying its being used, but the camera showing no movement). but stuff like lighting and the rest would be on a seperate maintnence system (nothing like having each light being able to call in when its time to change the tube or bulb wink.gif ). alltho i would allow a "spider" (building rigger, i kinda like that nickname) to hijack it when needed as its only a subscription away (and can realy mess with a teams head when the floor suddenly goes dark).
I think the hardest part of SR4 for me, is the lack of defined things like Security Sheaves, network topologies and the like that I expected with things like the Matrix (viva SR1-3). Now that I've overcome the initial shell-shock, I like that you can make it as complex or simple as you'd like.
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