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Full Version: Target: Matrix still good?
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This is pretty self-explanatory; now that matrix is pretty playable, I'd like to get some depth to it, but I was wondering if the Target:Matrix book still works, or has wi-fi changed the whole thing?
Rotbart van Dainig
Of course, VR is still common.
There is still a lot of pertinent information, though you will have to comb though to find it.
I'm reading it now and it is still very applicable. It allows the GM to add a lot of "life" to the Matrix, now that everyone can access it, so that everything is not just "another Matrix host that looks like... ummm... an office."
It's great in that it gives you a feel for what the matrix is and what people do there, quite a bit more than the Virtual Realities series and the Matrix rule book did.
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