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child of insanity
i've picked up this module and am wondering... how do i convert it to S3? and what point should i introduce it do you think? 50 karma? 100? normally i just write all my own stuff but i've been reading these modules and would like to run it. they're all newbies to shadowrun, although i've just picked up a cyberpunk player so he should at least get the paranoia aspect down. i've started them on first run.
I've never even though of statistical conversions. I've just seen the 'theme and story' used, and then numbers were generated by the GM based on what he deemed to be threat levels.
For the most part stats can be converted directly to SR3 1:1. For dice pools get rid of the SR1 pools and just calculate the pools according to SR3 rules. For initiates just let than have all the SR1 metamagics. Assume that the SR1 initation method is simply more efficient. They wouldn't loose knowledge just because the universe shifted left. Armor values should usually be doubled (although you can just use the SR3 values for a specific piece of armor if one is mentioned) and weapons should use the listed SR3 damage codes per weapon.

Of course, some NPCs have stats listed in other books which I don't find good at all. For these, if you have those books use the guidelines above. If not just make it up based on what they are intended to be and what your characters can handle.
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