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Hi all,

SR4 mentions "get your hacker friend to load up your PAN with IC", etc. My question is, since the IC would be running on each node/device and basic cyberware is low rated (Device Rate = 1), then the only real place you could fight with IC would be in you ComLink? If your IC/agent followed a hacker into your cyberlimb, it would be mostly worthless considering it would have to degrade its rating to that of the limb?

If this is the case, unless you've got some blistering deltaware, your only real defense is going to be your Comlink that's going function like a chokepoint-style defense.

Any thoughts?


I would say this is not the case. If a program is running on your computer at home, and then does a few tasks in your printer, the program itself is not downgraded is it? I mean the task may be slow due to the printer being old or something, but it's still the computer running the program.

A hacker that's in a cyberlimb still uses his commlink's ratings, and so should an IC. Certain commands to the cyberware may be limited by the cyberware's ratings, but both IC and hacker has to suffer that the same way.
to me the pan starts and ends with the comlink...

anything thats part of the pan is in theory part of the comlink. so if a ic is loaded onto the pan, its effectively loaded onto the comlink...

but then i seems to have a very "original" view of how the wireless matrix works...
I'm thinking the "port" for your cyberleg is gonna be closed unless you are running some kinda diag on it. Smartgun I can see, it's sending info from your gun, to oyour comlink, which is sending the info to your glasses/contacts/goggles. That leg doesn't need to interface with anything outside your actual nervous system.
Well personally the way I see it is the the Cyberware is also able to 'open' a channel to your Commlink in order to issue warnings, maintance reminders, ect as well.

Although personally we assume that Cyberware comes with built-in DNI, so as long as your Commlink is skinlinked through a Datajack/Trobes as well, a Decker has no choice but to go through your Commlink first.

It isn't RAW, but given that it appears that even the simplest pieces of Cyber now feels a need to be chatty, it makes sense to our group that the same interface capable of giving mental commands can also handle the impulses from the Cyber as well.
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