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OK, as the last thread is a bit dated now, here is a new one. Basically, I started a small fan-made "sourcebook" for Kansas City in 2070. Using input from fellow Dumpshockers and a few locals I have something a bit more polished for your use.

PDF format, either right-click save as, or just open it in your browser. Its about 3.73meg so dial-up beware. If anybody sees something very odd, typo's, or has input please offer it up.

Also, just a note that I prefer settings to be a broad overview, not the end-all of every single detail. As such, this document is created like that. It details 4-5 gangs, nightclubs, etc. There are obviously more in the city, but these are just some idea's. Individual GM's should have plenty of room to fit whatever unique things they want into my document and still have plenty of freedom.

I will review it after I've read it.
Excellent work. Thanks Kinshin! =)
Great job! Just one thing. His name is James Holman, not John.
QUOTE (Valentinew @ Apr 8 2006, 03:00 PM)
Great job!  Just one thing.  His name is James Holman, not John.


I have changed the PDF to reflect the correct name.
You had asked in a prior thread about the need for a website version of this information. I think I said that probably wasn't necesssary, but today I was browsing around the Sixth World Wiki and it occurred to me that the entry for Kansas City there would be well-suited for this content. The unofficial entry for Portland sets the precedent for unofficial (non-canon) information making it's way into this useful and popular guide.

So, I hereby suggest you, or someone with the time, add the information to the Sixth World Wiki. You can find the appropriate section here: Kansas City

It should use consistent formating to match the other city entries.


Does anyone know where the Vital Stats that some of the cities have in the Sixth World Wiki come from?
QUOTE (Teulisch(from Converting real city thread))
for the example of Kansas, i would expect a food processing plant, which deals with wheat crop. real food can be expensive, so it would have a fair amount of security, as well as a large storage area, able to hold out against a food riot.

Since KC itself began basically as a stockyards...did we ever decide on the prevalence of real meat here? That's a really interesting question, imo.
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