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Full Version: SR1/SR2 to SR3 Conversion Guide?
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I own the SR3 core book which I plan to use rules-wise in my campaign; but I've got a collection of older SR1 and SR2 sourcebooks and adventure modules that I would like to primarily rely on for material.

Is there a quick and dirty way to convert basic equipment, character, vehicle, etc. stats from SR1 or SR2 to SR3?

How about a list of equipment/rules that I'd need to change/cut out of the SR3 core book to accomodate an early 2050's timeline-appropriate game? (Assuming that I'm relying entirely on the fluff from SR1 material.)

I understand that that second one may be an enormous question, but if I could just get the key points -- I'd appreciate it!
Converting equipment from SR2 to SR3 should be with minimal problem, they're mostly the same.
The big differences will be in the area of vehicles stats that were published before Rigger 2, a small handful of guns have had slight changes in stats but nearly everything in SR2, the Street Samurai Catalogue for 2nd edition and most of Fields of Fire port straight over to SR3. IIRC the most changes were made to stuff in Fields of Fire.
Bioware has changed considerably, best bet is to go straight with Man & Machine over any thing in previous cyber books.

I have never dealt with decking so I can't really say on that. But hearesy says that Virtual Realities 2.0 is a major step towards SR3 decking so that would be a good book to check for conversion notes.

Magic underwent some changes from SR2 to SR3. Damaging spells in SR2 were learned at both a specific Force and Damage Level. So if you wanted to cast a manabolt at Force (4) Light damage and at Force (4) Serious damage, that was two different spells you had to learn. Where in SR3 you just learn Manabolt (4) and choose the Damage Level you want each time you cast. The same with Elemental Manpulation spells.

I think that at least covers the basics, anyone with more specifics or notices errors I've made feel free to speak up.
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