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Full Version: maps of seattle
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child of insanity
anyone have some? or know where i can find one? one of my players is trying to find a good place for her character to live, have a safehouse, another safehouse, a place to hold her gear etc. plus, i'm not too sure about what areas are AAA and which are 'no-fly zones' for lone star, and other non-residents.
Well the basics are in the Seattle Sourcebook and New Seattle. If you post a list of requirements and life styles for Primary Residence, Safe House A and Safe House B I'm sure the helpful folks here will have some suggestions. Additionally I live in Seattle (as do a few other regular DS posters) and we can fill you in on things the books left out, like topography.
child of insanity
wonderful! thanks:) she's got a high lifestyle rented under her real SIN, but fairly low key. safehouse 1 is low-middle and needs to be in a not too dangerous neibourhood. she hasn't filled me in on the rest. as well i need to put the rest of the characters in a home of their own.
Well most of the Downtown Core is heavily corp and Luxury or High lifestyle, or AAA or AA. Moving north in to Ballard is an option for High Lifestyle. Market Street is the main East-West street, and 15th ave NW is the main North-South arterial. Another Neighborhood to consider is Edmonds, further north. Ballard and Edmonds both are waterfront areas and are mostly residential, ballard has a gentle uphill rise from south (the ship canal) to North, Edmonds is ringed by hills. For the safe house, a low key, out of the way area would be Snohomish, it does have the draw back of being about as far way from Downtown as you can get without being in the Salish Territotry. Even in some of the Canon material the area is still described as rural and houses much of Seattle's remaining agriculture.

Info on Ballard
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