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Full Version: Denver & Ghostwalker?
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What books cover Ghostwalker's take over of Denver? I have Dragons of the Sixth World which mentions it but not in much detail so far. I also have Denver City of Shadows but on a quick glance I havn't seen mention of it.
Kanada Ten
Year of the Comet is the arrival and Shadows of North America has the rest.
DBS is way before Ghostwalker's time. Damn upstart dragons.

DCoS *does* however go into great detail about Zebulon, who seems to have very strong ties to Ghostwalker. (Though that's never spelled out explicitly.)

Obligatory Pimping:
If you're interested in adventuring in Denver, check out the Shadowrun Missions campaign and the January 2006 issue of Commando Quarterly which includes an update to bring Denver to 2071 for SR4.
Thanks for the denver write up, it is coming in useful for my "Under Icy Wings" game soon to start on Welcome to the Shadows
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