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Full Version: Vehicle/Rigger Rules
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Okay...I've looked through the book. I've even done some searches here on the forums. This is my first post, folks, so be gentle.

I'm an aspiring Rigger and my group recently ran a "Get Aquainted With The Rules" game. My character was the Drone Rigger straight from the book and he was driving the GMC Bulldog when combat started. One of the baddies was in a patrol car with an LMG mounted on it. The GM started rolling the dice and after all was said and done, that full auto burst made mincemeat out of the Bulldog.

My question is: Does that sound right? I know that with worn armor the bullet(s) penetrate if the *modified* DV is higher than the *modified* armor value. Correct? I also saw in the Burst Fire rules that the modified DV doesn't count against "Vehicle Armor". It doesn't say anything specific like that in the Full Auto section. My GM and I are assuming that weapons capable of Full Auto are more like Heavy Weapons and the individual rounds fired by them are actually capable of damaging a vehicle; as opposed to just a pistol or SMG. vehicle armor literally that? Armor? Slabs of steel welded to the body of the vehicle? Or does it correlate more with stuff like the frame of the vehicle and all the stuff jammed under the shell that hardens it against weapons fire?

Thanks for any insight you folks can provide. I am eagerly awaiting Rigger 4 (or whatever the title will be). Keep up the great discussions around here, and if anyone lives in Indianapolis...let me know if you need an SR group.

yes armor is armor, body is how well buildt the vehicle is (and somewhat allso covers pure size). and as full auto is basicly just a very long burst now (or optionaly 3 normal sized ones in a single action) the same rule for burst fire vs armor apply for full auto...

rember tho that the combat system in SR is abstract, so even a pistol can in theory stop a vehicle. its just a matter of hitting just the spot to somehow mess up stuff like controls, engine or any other vital system...
As I understand it you would take the base armour value and modify it according to the weapon and calling to bypass armour.

Then take the base damage value and modify it with called shot to increase damage and net successes (after dodge).

If the modified DV is greater than the modified AV ad damage for automatic fire and roll resistance.

If the modified DV is lower than the modified AV the any damage would be stun, if the target is a vehicle then it ignores all stun damage.

Thus firing full auto doesn’t permit you to penetrate armour any better than single shot, but it dose mean that if you get lucky and manage to get a modified DV over the modified AV you will shred any vehicle.

Now analysing your specific situation

A bulldog step van has 8 points of armour.

An LMG has a damage value of 6P and an AP of -1

Thus the gunner only needs 2 successes (or to call the shot for 1or more points and get one net success) to penetrate the armour.

A bulldog has body 16 however so it has 16 boxes on its damage track and 23 (body + armour - AP) dice to soak with

Assuming a full narrow burst the damage from the LMG is 15P + successes on the attack roll, being generous and saying he got 4 net successes to hit (a high estimate) that is still not enough to destroy your van, it will probably only take 14 boxes of damage after soak. This is engulf to cripple your vehicle but not quite destroy it, with bad luck your van could be destroyed.

Thus the question becomes WTF was a patrol car doing with an LMG


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