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I apologize if this is a repeated topic. I am a fairly new ShadowRunner and enjoy using miniatures for most RPG's I use at least for the combat portions of the games. It clears up misunderstandings from my players and prevents the inevitable "no I was trying to get the other guy first" complaints.

I have scored a few ral partha's old shadowrun mini's from ebay and various resale places but sometimes selection is thin. Does anyone out there know of good shadowrun substitutes that are being produce but active distributors? Things that look good enough to work and match the genre.

Any ideas are appreciated.
Thanks in advance
You could look for Mutant Chronicles minis. This was a cyberpunk game in the mid nineties that also had a wargaming precursor/offshoot. I remember them being nice minis by a company called Heart Breaker, nice in a Cartoony GW way. On that note some 40K minis may be good enough, depend how much of a stikler youa re for accuracy.
Most of Shadowrun line of miniatures from Ral Partha is still available. After the company went out of business, it was restarted by several former employees as Iron Wind Metals. Figures are available directly from the manufacturer, or through normal distribution channels.
some of the plastic star wars miniatures work. The mercenary and mercenary commander from the later sets in particular. Or you could put a heavy ink wash on some of the storm troopers to make them look more like corp-sec goons in milspec armor.
Ironwind Metals ( got the rights to a bunch of the old Fasa/Ral Partha stuff, including BattleTech and Shadowrun, at least in the US. They still make Shadowrun ones. Check it out.
Stiggybaby has a large stock of Shadowrun minis, check 'em out. I'll also give a shout out to Tactical Miniatures, they do a lot of modern minis which work great for Shadowrun, and the quality is quite high.
If you can find them anywhere, the Void line of minis (by Ikore, I think) is pretty good for cyberpunk. They're usually cheap because the game didn't really take off. I cleaned house at my FLGS. I have two drawers full of them waiting for paint.
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