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Full Version: Datajack
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Ki Ryn
The Datajack used to be a pretty vital piece of gear. Is it obsolete in 2070?

If I have a commlink with a sim module and a headset with trodes, is there any reason (other than the security of a fiber optic connection) to have a datajack?

Anything I could slot into the jack I could instead slot into the commlink and (via the trodes) get the same experience no?

Does a datajack alone allow you to experience or interact with augmented reality?

even the datajack is wireless now nyahnyah.gif

and it cant be taken away, like a set of trodes can.

btw, i belive a similar thread exist on this forum...
Hobgoblin means this thread, i think:

Datajack necessary?
Ki Ryn
Ah, thanks for the pointer!

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