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Full Version: Unarmed combat with cyberarms
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Hi, I'm just starting a 3rd Edition campaign. I used to play 1st Edition many years ago, but I'm having some difficulty getting back up to speed with the rules again.

One of my players wants to play an ork specializing in unarmed combat (punching mainly) with two obvious cybernetic arms. I am wondering what advantage (if any) a pair of cybernetic arms will gain him for his unarmed combat tests vs just having one. There is a rule which says having a pair of cyber weapons such as spurs or hand razors gives you an bonus of half your Str. Would cyberarms count as cyber weapons in this case??

Also, if he enhances the Strength of his cybernetic arms, does that apply to both, or does it apply one at a time? And if it is one at a time, which Str does he use for melee combat?

Thanks! biggrin.gif
cyberarms don't count as implanted weaponry, though i suppose that'd be a reasonable houserule. cyberlimbs do add to the power of unarmed strikes, +1 per limb.

you also might consider allowing the character to take a custom martial art, such as Hard Skill.

normally, for unarmed combat, you use the average Str of all limbs. you can use just the Str of one cyberlimb, but you only get the power bonus for that limb.
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