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Full Version: Taking a poll!
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Just checking. wobble.gif twirl.gif rollin.gif
James McMurray
Where's the "try makign useful posts you lousy bastard?" response? wink.gif
Somebody thwap him with a wet carp.
I don't care if someone posts a poll or not, as long as it generates somewhat topical discussion. sarcastic.gif
as the one whoposted 4 polls in one day, I thought the questions were pertinent given what I'd been reading in posts.
Besides, if you don't want to do a poll or think the question is stupid, go do something else, noone is forcing you to participate in a conversation.
Those were interesting topics, so i don't mind. This one was like, Huh?
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (stevebugge)
Somebody thwap him with a wet carp.

...they don't have the DV listed for that yet.

I prefer to use 5 Kilo Sockeye Salmon.
Isn't it somewhat ironic that the 'hell no, polls are useless' or whatever it is side of the poll is winning?
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