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Full Version: Programs and Autosofts
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If you have Drones and rigged vehicles, do you need to buy autosofts for each vehicle?

Or do you have them and upload them to all your drones and vehicles as needed?

A second question, If i am a technomancer that wants to rig vehicles? do I make use of autosofts?
Can I thread them?

Does a Machine Sprite Need to use an autosoft or can it?

Ok so its a whole bunch of questions any help would be appreciated.
Kanada Ten
I remember the Autosoft question was answered recently, and think that you can upload them to each as needed.
I found a topic related hehe but it didnt really answer the question, the debate rages on!

Thanks for encouraging me to use the search function.

And perhaps this should be moved to the SR4 forum. I apologize.
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