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IQ: (Intelligence + 4) x 15, plus or minus 10 points.

Thus, someone with an Intelligence of 1 has an IQ between 65 and 85 (nearly retarded), while someone with an Intelligence of 3 has an IQ between 95 and 115 (average) and someone with an Intelligence of 6 has an IQ of 140 to 150 (near-genius). Those who exceed these levels, whether through Exceptional Intelligence or lots of Karma, can achieve anywhere from Intelligence 7 (155 to 165) to Intelligence 9 (170 to 190), or possibly as high as Intelligence 11 (200 to 220) at the absolute edge of humanity. This seems about on-par with the 'real world'.

Height: As per Racial Modifiers, plus or minus 33%.

Weight: between (Height x Height x Height) x (Body + Augmentation + Strength + 4) x (1.3 kg / m3) and (Height x Height x Height) x (Body + Augmentation + Strength + 4) x (1.5 kg / m3)

'Height' is in meters
'Augmentation' means any Body increases from cyberware, natural dermal armor, or such.

Now, what would be really cool, from this, would be a good formula for coming up with clothing/shoe sizes.
For IQ, it's pretty good, but average IQ should be centered around 100. At least with all the scales I'm familiar with, 100 is the average IQ because that's the definition of 100, and if the average IQ rises it means it's time to renormalize the test.
Might be more trouble than it's worth to tweak for that small a flaw, though.

Don't forget that IQ tests are, by nature, highly context-specific; if the test is designed for, say, U.S. soldiers then it'll be significantly less useful when used on, say, Canadian inner-city schoolchildren.

Just my 2 nuyen.gif
well, as mentioned, average IQ is centered around 105, +/- 10. I figured it'd be easier to range a bit up than a bit down, since IQ tends to run high more than low.
that weight calculation is confusing...
i just pick a weight that seems fair for a person of the height and size i picture a character having.

the IQ calculation seems fair, even though i've never believed that IQ test are of any real value...

and as for what you've written about height, it's no more use than the average height given in the book.
IQ tests test raw processing ability quite well.
Raw processing ability is rarely the most important factor in anything.

re: Height

I know it isn't any more use. I was just starting the ball rolling, hoping to get ideas.

Re: Weight

Confusing how?
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