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Full Version: Samurai/Martial arts?
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Would there be an effective way to create a cyber-enhanced character who's primary weapon is martial arts? The concept of a character would be interesting - perhaps an athlete in some blood sport which revolves around teach heavy bralers?
sure, just make sure that he has titanium bone lacing and enhanced articulation, as well as some initiative boosts. Just remember the "old saying"..

" of course, it doesn't have the range of a sword, but..."
James McMurray
Luckily reach isn't nearly as nice in 4th as it has been in previous editions.

The concept is definitely doable. Just boost strength and agility as much as possible, get some bone lacing, and you should be good to go. I'd probably get a smartgun link and gun also, because sometimes you just can't reach the guy you wanna smack around.
Funny you should mention this; I just made a character that fits the bill.

Aluminum bone lacing (can't get titanium at character generation), wired reflexes, orthoskin. And two skills at 5: Unarmed Combat (with a specialization in Martial Arts) and the all important one: Dodge (with a specialization in Ranged).

The idea is this: take your actions in active defense while approaching your target. Then pound the snot out of him when you get there.
Ki Ryn
My current character is someone like that (though he uses an axe as well as unarmed). I found a mix of cyber and bio worked really well (though I used all 50 BP possible for gear).


 1,000 Smartlink             ESS 0.1  cyber, retinal replacement
   800 Datajack              ESS 0.1  cyber
32,000 Wired Reflexes      2 ESS 3.0  cyber
14,000 Muscle augmentation 2 ESS 0.4  /2 biotech, +2 STR
16,000 Muscle toner        2 ESS 0.4  /2 biotech, +2 AGI
90,000 Orthoskin           3 ESS 0.75 /2 biotech, 3/3 armor bonus
80,000 Bone density        4 ESS 1.2  /2 biotech, +4 Body vs damage
                                                  7P unarmed damage

Essense is at 1.4 after all this.
Just remember nothing rules wise or fluff wise (that I've noticed) precludes you from having Bone Density(filling up the gaps in the bone) and Bonelacing(mesh/strut reinforcement on the outside). I run it as adding half the lower + to unarmed damage to the higher bonus.
Looks good. We have a Dwarf capoeirista in our group and he's a 4 foot ball of twirling rage. Not exactly poetry in motion, but he gets the job done.
with all this cyber ware you can make trolls exploding cars with punches!!! imagine a euro car exploding in the middle of the street because a troll smashed the front of the car
I had a Harley Scorpian explode when it tried to run my Ork over... it was a little shot up but it was more the speed plus impact with heavily cybered and armoured Sam that did it.

Man my poor Ork had a headache for quite some time after that.
QUOTE (juggertroll)
with all this cyber ware you can make trolls exploding cars with punches!!! imagine a euro car exploding in the middle of the street because a troll smashed the front of the car

Uh oh, having 40k flashbacks...
emo samurai
Why no spurs?
You're armed if you stab someone with a spur nyahnyah.gif
personaly, i would prefer to avoid the F legality ware. bone density bioware is much better, and can get you the str/2+3 damage at availibility 12. a bit expensive, but worth it for the +4 body. grab some muscle toner/augmentation, and you can easily do more damage than a heavy pistol.

bone lacing, and cyberclaws/spurs, are all legality F- no permit, if you have em at all they will come after you. and alphaware cyberware is very easy to detect.
40k flashbacks????
sorry, but i dont get the idea...
Kremlin KOA
I remember my ork Warboss doing that to a tank in 40K
QUOTE (juggertroll)
40k flashbacks????
sorry, but i dont get the idea...

In Warhammer 40k, you can "Tank Shock" infantry by running a vehicle into their squad. This can scatter them and sometimes cause them to break. The player recieving the tank shock, however, can choose to have one of the models being hit make a "Death or Glory" check, where he gets one free shot at the front armor of the vehicle before it squishes him, and if he stops it, all is good.

Usually, you see stunts like this pulled with antitank weapons or explosives, but occasionaly you see someone with a power fist coldcock a tank coming straight at him. It's even funnier when he punches it and the tank explodes.
hahahaha, very funny really, thanks for the info.
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