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Full Version: Ruthenium polymer armor?
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I thoguht I read something about Ruthenium polymer armor, but I can't find it. Some one want to point me in the right direction.
Kanada Ten
For SR3? M&M, IIRC. In SR4 it's called a Chameleon Suit in the Armor section of Gear.
Did anyone else run into the problem of Ruth Poly being immensely brroken in (at least in SR3).

1) It's legal
2) It's cheap for what it does
3) It's bonus plus the bonus of a concealing spirit with a decent stealth skill is killer

There is thermo version to counteract, but then Thermal dampening comes in.

It just seems that there needs to be some -X to per tests against stealth if there is going to be a +X

It pretty much forces astral security of some kind which offers less variety of play
Kanada Ten
Well, ultrasound worked, and you still cast a shadow, so it's not as good as invisibility... The bonus is really capped at +8 if you think about it (can't get worse than blind). Not all that much better than partial cover and darkness.

There are -X to the Perception TN, but they're not hard and fast. Walking through mud, for example, makes it easier to hear and see cloaked charatcers. Fences rattle when you climb them, and so on. Then you have select sound filter and such...
and there's always the Perceptive edge. Really any serious security guard should have that.
Thanks, I thought it was in M&M. Remember it's pretty expensive, maybe I'm the only GM who's stingy.
SR3 of course, I like to stick to real SR. biggrin.gif
I'm just screwing with all you kids.
As long as invisibility is around, I have no problem with this piece of gear.
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