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While trying to flesh out Hacker and decker characters I frequently find my self adding in details that are part of internet culture today (or in recent history) like "all your base are beling to us" T shirts or things like that. Does anyone else do that? Or have you created entirely new weird and nonsensical Matrix Trends for 2070? Also how much of the Web Industry (big commercial sites like Yahoo or Google) do you think survived (even if in name only) in to 2070 and whoowns them now?
If my group goes into an area that's described as "very dark" or "pitch-black," I'm planning on saying "I attack the darkness!" (in reference to this). When the other players go "huh?" I'll just say, "Oh. . .old Matrix joke. Heh heh."

I'd imagine that a lot of old Internet and computer memes has survived, but that their origins have been so obscured by the mists of time that no one remembers exactly where they came from. These memes and terms are likely to survive in some form:
  • Llamas
  • "Blue Screen of Death"
  • Ninja vs. Pirate debate
  • "Google" in the verb form (as in "I'll just google him and see what comes up")
i generally try and create 2060s-era memes that are reminiscent of current memes. that way, everybody knows what they are.
Big D
Personally, I would fear any mage who shouts out "Corp Por!" before firing a powerbolt.
I've had a few variations leak out of the matrix in to the street too. For example you can go to Stuffer Shack and get Pr0k R1nds in my game.
And on the topic of Internet Meme crossover products for Stuffer Shack
l33t Cereal
In the Languages skill section of SR4 when talking about Lingos, there is mention of "L33tsp33ch" or some such.
Have a T shirt of this.
An image of a street and a bunch of default setting ICE tinted black. With a warning below "Warning: Black ICE on Roads, Drive Carefully."
A nice jargon based pun.

The nice thing about the future is you can make up culture for it. Have say for example results of a particulary bad translator chip.

Or you could have jokes about high powered computers and showing old antique alienware computers, that were powerful half a century ago. Mock things about current technology, differnces and tech incompetence.
QUOTE (stevebugge)
Or have you created entirely new weird and nonsensical Matrix Trends for 2070?

I try and make Matrix Games a much bigger and more omnipresent part of the culture. Feel that aspect of the future isn't played up quite enough in the books.
EDIT: So.. a lot of slang, imagery, hobbies and tribalism stem from those.
One of my players (a technomacer uber-hacker) created a completely gamne-addicted character, which he plays on a variation os the negative quality Addiction (with its cost cut in half).

He is addicted to Pirates>Ninjas, a AR/VR game MMORPG on which teams of pirates and ninjas battle against each other to show whos better. There are two versions of the game (Pirates>Ninjas and Ninjas >Pirates), for each kind of player.

The character took the negative quality at the severe level, which means he spends most of his awake either a) playing; or b) trying to sell account of the game to people, or even recruit them to his team.

Its terribly funny. He mix crack-addict sttuter with a door-to-door salesman fast-talk that throws people out of their mind. The annoying voice he makes, along with the never-ending flux of matrix jargon is one of the funniest things he ever done in a game, making you want to put the business ending of a Panther AC to his mouth just to see if he notices. I thought it made a very nice addition to the SR Matrix mythos. Ill keep doing stuff after his idea.
turn that game into a AR game, like "miracle shooter", and i think things should realy become interesting nyahnyah.gif
Digital Heroin
If the first Technomancer I made wasn't a former Renraku wageslave, I'd be sorely tempted to have his icon be Chuck Norris...
I have a character named Pink who has a friend named Whisper. Pink and whisper are a combat mage and street sam. They spend most of the time waiting while the brainy people hack and gather intel then we go in and break things. We have invented lots of culture for our game. We play VR games like Ghoul Hunter 4 (We're going to buy 5 after this run it just came out.) and tonight I am taking him to a virtual golf course where we are going to find isolated players in the game and beat them senseless with golf clubs. We also have played a fun mind-teaser game called 101 uses for a dead hooker where who ever thinks of 101 uses first wins. But we usually play that while drunk so no one ever wins. We have a ghoul in our party but we don't know he's a ghoul so Ghoul Hunter 4 is just loads of fun to rp around. Next week I plan on visiting the virtual pet shop and driving the dogs crazy with the cameras. We invented whole new terms for the game as well. "Pink logic." We where being chased by the police and we needed to hide. So we turned into an alley way and made a dash for the sewer. Pink turned around and said, "I'll make the van invisible so they don't spot it." and everyone went, "You can't do that." even the GM said it would be really really hard because it is such a complex object... Pink did it. Rolled amazingly well. So everyone just kinda stood there in shock for a moment and went on. Pink puts the dumb in dumb luck as Whisper likes to say. When doing the impossible on an impulse seems like the best idea at the moment, it's Pink logic.
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