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Full Version: Security Consultant Knowledge Skills
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In the SOTA64 book, it talks about some of the duties of Seraphim agents. I was wondering how people might put together the following duties as SR4 type knowledge skills.

It mentions Seraphim in their 'angel for hire' roles would do bodyguarding, security consultation, information analysis and threat management.

If you were going to express that as a set of knowledge skills, how would it go? All separate? Or does someone have an idea on an appropriate grouping for 1 or more of those skillsets? The SR4 basic book didn't really have the info I wanted when looking in the NPC section, or base PC templates to give me a sense of what a bodyguard/intelligence agent might have per SR4 knowledge skillsets.
The Jopp
Corporate Security Knowledge Skill Group
-Corporate Building Security
-Corporate Matrix Security
-Corporate Territorial Security
-Corporate Astral Security

Additional Subgroups
-Corporate Security Tactics
-Node Security
-Tiered Networks
-Surveillance Measures
Street etiquette, these guys probably do a lot of legwork in the seedy part of town.
Edit: I guess that's not a knowledge skill, is it? Maybe a territory kind of skill then. The point is that these guys are among those who bridge the gap between corp and streets, they just answer to the corp side.
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