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Full Version: A run gone bad...
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i'm bored and I feel like sharing, deal with it...

So this is about a run that happened about a month or two ago with our current
gaming group.

So here's a prolouge of sorts, trust me it relates to the story...

Our team was hired to extract some techy from Shiwase, a programmer if i remember
correctly. Anywho, the techy had cut a deal with another corp to get him out so he (the techy)
already had a plan. We were given his planned itinerary(sp?) and he had fixed it so
on three seperate occasions prior to the agreed upon delivery date of said techy
he would make himself on easy target. Long story short, after hours of real time
planning (you might even say over planning) we do the job and it went perfect. Not a
single shot fired and we made it out of the area with no one tailing us or even knowing
what we had just done.

Now before the delivery as well as on the way to the delivery the target starts
yammering about not wanting to go with the corp that's paying us. Now here's the
thing, the hiring corp did state that the most important thing (to them) was the data
the target had on him. If we could not get the techy at least get the data. So knowing
that we could have let him go and maybe made some extra money on the side, but
our face had knocked him out as soon as we nabbed him and pretty much kept him
that way until the meet. So before the techy could explain or offer us some cash, our
face had already informed the johnson we had the man and the data. That and the
fact that our face said something about never running with this crew again if we
don't stick to...
I don't know, but it boiled down to us saying we had the guy and
then not giving them the guy. It would look bad

So we do the delivery and get the money, and it was pretty good money too. 40K if memory
serves correct, anywho, that's the end of run number three. If you're curious our first
run involved ghouls using BTLs with sublimital messaging to lure food to them and our
second run involved finding some corp execs daughter, turns out she was gonna be
used to summons a bug. We got there in time but not, we managed to save her but
not before she got a set of bug eyes... Whoops

OK, back on track...
So we finish our third run and time has passed, so the next time the group gets
together the rigger, the face, and me the mage each get a package... at our homes.
In these packages we find pictures of ourselves going thru our "daily routines", our businesses
(my grandpa is a talismonger and the rigger has a shop) and our places residence
(obviously). There is also a note stating "I know about the Shiawase job, unless you
want this information released meet me at yadda yadda yadda". Well that's not
good, right?

Well our face, Abe Froman by the way, starts freaking out i mean hardcore. He
pratically torches his place. He goes thru and scrubs the place down, the whole nine.
Myself (Kid Cisco, Cisco for short) and Ratchet (the rigger) are also freaking out but
not to such a degree. Well we go and meet the guy, turns out he wasn't there, just a
vid screen. So we're teleconferencing with the guy. He has a job for us, in exchange
for the dirt he has on us he wants us to fake his death. We are supplied with a pint of
blood his left or right arm (i don't remeber) and info on where to find his DNA samples.
We got a week to do it and he'll meet us were it all began, Ratchet's shop. (I probably
forgot to mention that on our third run we took the target to ratchet's shop for a bit to
wait for the drop/exchange.)

So now we know who we're dealing with, sorta... (It's the techy from run #3) He changed
his face, his name, and other important things... that you would change... yeah...

So! This is what we do, we find a ghoul haunt and dump the blood and the arm. The plan?
Call the Star and allert them to the ghoul presence. In order to insure the arm
will still be there when (and IF) the Star arrives we take out the ghouls we can see
haunting... the place... yeah... This plan didn't go so smooth, we aren't much for
combat, we lived but I got shot up pretty bad (just our luck one of the ghouls was
pack'n) and there was uh... "Noticable cosmetic damage" to the structure the ghouls
were using to chill. Other than that, mission successful. So now it off to get the DNA
material, that went much better (we're not much for combat, but getting into and out of
places we shouldn't be... aces). We were able to get in and out there without much fuss,
thanx to our shaman friend, who i might add didn't in anyway have to help. Wasn't
his mess, you know? (Note: invisibiltiy is worth getting at chargen even if like me "it
doesn't fit with my character's backstory" ohplease.gif ) and bonus, we now have material
or some ritual magic. smile.gif

So we finish all our objectives about mid-week, and He'll be stopping by on Friday. Ratchet
is a little uneasy, Abe is still in full-on freaked mode, and me? Well I've been contacting... well,
my contacts. Makes sense? Yeah, i thought so too. So i'm getting info on our blackmailer
trying to find out all i can in order to pin point his location. I come to find out He's
been bragging on the matrix about having some shadowrunners by the balls, what his
andle is and other random info. I also find out the He is a chiphead, among other
things (you'll see). I find out who's been selling him chips, and pay the man a visit....
Well, me and my ganger friends. ork.gif (PS - This is all being done quite like, in other
words, i write a note to Tony (GM) and he responds with info and cost. Abe and Ratchet
have noticed these exchanges, but say nothing. There are on ocassion glances of
aimed my way, but i say and reveal nothing.) So this chip dealer tells me he sold Him
a confidence chip and he ain't seen him in a while, upon further "questioning" (gangers
are good to have as friends) he suddenly remebers He likes to frequent a certain house
of ill repute. Cool! So i make some idle threats backed up by "my crew" and i'm off.
I'm starting to feel a bit bad about keeping all this info to myself but there is a plan...
Once we get the incriminating evidence from Him i was going to pay Him a visit,
nuff said.

Ok to make a long story short... TOO LATE!!! I know. I Know.
I break down and let the guys in on all the info i have obtained, i don't mention that i've
spent almost 10 gees for the info, but i give it to them. Right around this time i get a
call, from the chip dealer... "hey He's here right now. he's at the whore house
on yadda yadda..." I might have forgatten to mention that Abe was both a little freaked
and a lot pissed. We'll as soon as we get the info Abe wants to go after Him and off we go.
So we get there rush in and nab Him. Wasn't hard, he was zoned out, jacked
into one of the girls; apparently he was into the puppet thing. As we leave we have a minor tussle
with some bush league runners, it appears he had protection. Anywho, so we get him
back to someone's place, don't remeber who's or where.

Us "Give us the evidence"
Him "here take it, but there are copies..."
Us "What?"
Him "yeah, just in case i wasn't heard from i made copies to be sent yadda yadda yadda"
Us "who else has the info?"
Him "an ambassador on council island and a club owner in the yadda district"

Now this is where is gets fuzzy for me, i remeber us contacting and intercepting a
courier on his way to the club with a copy of the evidence. I also remember Abe
chopping off His now cybered arm... Yeah, i don't know either... I think this blew
our chances of getting the evidence from Council Island. So because of this, Abe
decides to, shoot the guy in the head? Well, he was "a lot pissed"...

Anywho this is about the time that Tony suggest we might've screwed the pooch on
this one, and maybe we should show up with new characters next meet...

And that's why you should always, always, look both ways before crossing the street.

Long story and if you've made it this far, well i thank you for "listening" to it. I will
add that this was the first time in my SR gaming career that i had to make a new
character. I have never, not once, had a character die in all my days of SR or RPGing
in general.

I guess this could count as my one halfway decent contribution to the forum. I mean other than my Chuck Norris question and my Broccoli and Bill toon comic things
you actually sound a little bored and drunk, but that's ok. Makes for more interesting posts. So it hadn't occured to you guys to check if he had backups? That's just always the cliche thing, isn't it? Throw on Mind Probe and Alter memory, or perhaps Influence on that list of spells that it's good to start with I guess.

But hell, it's good good to lose a character now and again. Otherwise, there's no mortality factor. Otherwise, it takes the edge off the thrill of a real nasty combat. Just my opinion I suppose, but it seems to hold true most of the time IMO.
Bored, yes. Drunk... unfortunately no, i'm at work. But good news, I'm leaving I a few minutes. Then i will be able to go home and sleep and then wake up and do stuff.

How exciting!

As far as the story... Well it's not that it didn't occur to us, it's just the whole, "Ambassador on Council Island" part threw us off. We panicked and well, the guy lost an arm and then his brains...

In hind sight I should have never divulged the info, we'd all prolly still be alive. That and the GM wouldn't be mad because we just killed someone of moderate importance to the campaign. And now he has to "link" our new characters to the current scenario. (prolly a bad choice of words) Well to give the new characters an idea of what they'll be up against in the future.


PS - influence is the shit, i find it hard not to include that spell on any of my spell throwers. It's that cool.
yeah, I can see freaking when he drops things like "ambassador" and "extraterritorial site". To bad htere isn't a spell for "replace guys brains". Maybe next time start out with "calm emotions" pn the rest of your team. wink.gif
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