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Full Version: A quick question on language skills
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Mostly a SR4 topic, as it deals with their skill setup.

I was wondering, from an RP/effect point of view what a mnemomic enhancer has on language skills. I get it adds +1 per level to the pool, but how does it affect stuff from a rp point of view?

If I have a language skill at say rating 2, which generally seems to be described (for a language skill) as rusty/basic comprehension/ability, how would it come across with the +3 (so a total of 5) if using a level 3 enhancer? I now have an effective pool that's nearly native ability in scope. Can it be seen that I just now have a knack for language skills, that I took the equivalent of early college language classes or something, but due to 'brainpower' can speak/understand/etc it well?

Would my fund of knowledge on vocabulary and grammer for a particular language be as good as someone who spent 5 points directly on the skill of language, or does it reflect that my brain due to bioware is able to fill in the gaps of my actual skill, and make sorta intuitive leaps to comprehension/etc?
Kremlin KOA
I would say yourvocabulary wasat a level 5
but accent not so good
Given that you're using a mnemonic enhancer I'd say that the increase in skill is accounted for by the extended memory capacity. Your character can remember words and the basic rules of grammar for a language quite easily, but might trip up on some of the exceptions and uncommon terms they're unlikely to have stumbled across during their 'ad hoc' education.

And, as Kremlin said, your accent is probably abysmal.
Plus, you'd be speaking "proper" grammar and vocab, instead of the idioms and regional variances. In other words, no one would have any trouble understanding you, but there's no way you'd pass for local.

I never actually saw that John Travolta movie where he thinks he gets alien flashed and gains super mental abilities, think it turned out to be a tumor, but it let him learn how to speak some language pretty quickly to communicate with some lady.
SL James

And he speaks to an old man in Portuguese after learning it from a Portuguese-English dictionary in about 20 minutes.
Heh, Maybe I'm thinking of something from "The Pretender". I can't recall smile.gif I need an enhancer nyahnyah.gif
SL James
In the pilot, Jared speaks to an old woman in a hospital in Norwegian.

*Is a mnemonic enhancer*
Yeah, you would hear a vocab word a few times (or even just once) and pick it up, so you'd have a much bigger vocab than someone else who's studied the same amount. Your accent could be a little better - you would remember exactly how a teacher or someone else pronounced it, for example, even though it could be hard to replicate that yourself without that training. Also, you'd remember regional variations just as easily as "standard" vocab - as long as you had heard it before.
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