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Full Version: Do stim patches stack?
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Ki Ryn
If you put on a Stim-3 and then put on another Stim-3, and also happen to have High Pain Tolerance-3, how many boxes of Stun damage can you ignore when figuring the penalty?

id say they stack, but rember that they allso stack when the effect runs out wink.gif
"cause of death, OD on stim patches"
I agree, I can't find any rule specifying whether they stack or not. But, if the GM decides they do, then those extra stun wounds could get interesting at the end of the effects.
QUOTE (hobgoblin)
"cause of death, OD on stim patches"

They imply that ODing should be houseruled, but there this on page 248:
"As a general guideline, inflict an extra box of damage every (Body) doses."
That's for Drugs. So I'd say that for every (Body) stim patches, something or other would happen to you.
But sure, it should stack. The drawback is when your stim patch runs out, as everyone says.
given that stun damage can overflow into physical, you can be killed by stim patch abuse wink.gif it will be one very interesting death.
Always possible. I had a charcter end up with 9 into his physical track from stun bolts because of this.
Sure they do. After you've got enough on-board, you simply won't go unconcious. Your stun track doesn't get any longer, though... you just start taking physical.

If you wanted, you could say that you pass out after the combined total of your stun and physical exceeds your stun track, keeping players from slapping on (Length of stun track) Rating worth of stimpacks and suddenly having to be put down hard to be put down at all.
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