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Full Version: Fun with RFID tags
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Caine Hazen
So there are things I think a few GM will find useful in this article, and the rest of us techie professionals might find it interesting anyway.
Did this from page 256 make anyone else's tastebuds stand up and say "HOWDY"?

"Marking systems are designed to tag intruders with a discreet marking so that they can be later identified if captured. Marking methods include ultraviolet dye, RFID tags, DNA encoded material, or even nanite tags. The markers are typically sprayed unobtrusively over exitways and other traffic areas."

RFID tags are fun!
the start of the article just shows how bad a single part id system is.

it should not be the rfid alone as any data that can be read can be copyed. what is needed is some kind of biometric or passcode in adition, hell maybe both.

say you need a palmprint and a rfid tag at the same time. put the tag inside the hand, and have it be read when the wearer press his hand to the print reader.

the content of a rfid should allso somwho be tied to the specific rfid, so that you can just copy the data onto a diffrent rfid. maybe using a special serial embedded in the rfid, in combo with a encryption algorithm and a secret key used by the company that writes the data into the rfid.

that way you need the algorithm and the key to decrypt the content of the rfid, and can verify that the rfid its stored in is the rfid the data was originaly written to. this key would be stored inside the companys reader and writer equipment.

it will not be 100%, as there is still the risk of someone getting hold of a device or the key. but its better then the current free for all...
Rotbart van Dainig
Transponders that only answer to correct querys are pretty old - those are called Stealth Tags in SR4... but encrypting the signals won't help too much, especially in SR4.

Broadcast communicaation is insecure by default on the long run.
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