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Full Version: Cancelling Alerts?
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Divine Virus
If you break into a node at security or admin level access, can you cancel any alters that you tripped?
LIkewise, if you summon a crack sprite, can it trip an alert, have it suppressed, then break in and cancel the altert before it ever goes off? In the last instance the crack sprit would have to be a damn high rating I realize.
Kanada Ten
In Second Edition, and pre-Matrix Third, alerts couldn't be reset for a certian amount of time, even by secrurity. That's why Passive Alert wasn't the first trigger step. My gut insinct says, no. Most corps don't want even their admins to turn off alerts until a bunch of e'paper work has been filled out.
Kremlin KOA
actually in pre VR2.0 second ed you COULD cancel alerts
and I think the matrix book had something about it

Admin only and not easy
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