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Full Version: unusual and improvised weapons
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Straight Razor
i was woundering what odd ball things you or your playews have tryed to use as a weapon.

my favorate are.

a pick axe. (as in the gardening tool)- i really was at a loss for a damage coad for that one. str+3 D is what i think i gave it.

a 5gallon bucket full of ball barings, with a block of c12 in the center of it.

O yes, and the troll with a lacey pillow case full of stolen door knobs.
a tea cup

a cyber-arm (not yet installed)

a kid's inflatable pool

Str+3D for a pickaxe? egad. i'll never use anything else again.
Bodies and portions thereof. Not just wacking, but also as the housing of an IED where the torso of a particular person was emptied out and filled with explosive in the hope that the intended victim would be curious enough about this body of the person that they knew to go up to it. Not really a odd weapon, just an odd delivery system.

Umm, vehicles don't really when you are just using them to drive over people. But there was the backseat of the Car-battoir.

Oh, and a rickshaw full of explosives. But again more of a delivery system oddity.

Then there was that one time in a warehouse where they shot drums of maple syrup so it would run down on someone behind cover.
Crowbar is definitely my favorite
It's gonna be tough to top maple syrup.

Hot coffee?

Cyberdeck? The most expensive improvised clubs attack you'll ever make!

Truckload of dirt? (See my comments on vampires and induced dormancy from a few weeks ago.)
Kyoto Kid
Baseballs - Favourite weapon of my character Tomoe Sasaki (who is a descendant of the great Kazuhiro Sasaki). She was actually able to knock people out with them.

Footballs - Just think how deadly John Elway or the younger Bret Farve would be as an adept.

5 Kilo Sockeye Salmon (or any other large saltwater fish). Actually had a monk in D&D take someone out with a 20# grouper once using it like a large sap. BTW, for a good demo on ichthyoid throwing technique, check out Pike Place Market in Seattle, those guys really know how to fling fish.

...speaking of flinging - Cats

Garden rakes laying on the ground with the tines sticking up - of course only works best against characters based on Sideshow Bob.

Grappling hook on a hardened streel chain. Another D&D character used this almost exclusively. Not much damage from the weapon itself, but the wall you get slammed into can really mess you up, especially if it's a Troll on the wielding end.

one of my characters once used a thermite grenade as a target marker. the bad guy was a high-force shedim, standing in the middle of a WP fire and regenerating the damage too fast for it to hurt him. we were under the jungle canopy, so i marked the shedim's location with the grenade and the rigger hit it with an autocannon.
John Campbell
One time, I beat a guy to death with a motorcycle.
QUOTE (mfb)
Str+3D for a pickaxe? egad. i'll never use anything else again.

A little generous. I'd probably give it STR+3S.

Plus a +3 TN.

SL James
QUOTE (John Campbell @ May 5 2006, 10:39 PM)
One time, I beat a guy to death with a motorcycle.

Ah. I remember that video game.

QUOTE (stevebugge)
Crowbar is definitely my favorite

Been there. Done that. Quoted Ivan Drago in the process, too (I don't think I need to say which line I quoted).
QUOTE (Straight Razor)
i was woundering what odd ball things you or your playews have tryed to use as a weapon.

- A couple of hot cheeseburgers and a gallon of burning oil (during a fight at mc donalds).

- A gnome.
So far, the strangest was a 1,600 kg glob of levitated water...but then, I haven't been playing SR for very long, either.
If we start going outside of SR; in The Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned Here many many years ago a fellow player used a polymorph potion to change to some sort of bird, flew over the big bad mage that was absolutely kicking our ass, and then polymorphed into a rhino. smile.gif The bonus was that the mage, being pinned under the mass of rhino-goodness, was unable to get a hand free enough (he rolled though) to make a sunder his magi staff desperation tactic (for those not in the know, there were old rules about creating an enormous explosion with that with a 50/50 chance that the staff weilder get sucked without harm from the explosion to another plane away from the battle to leave everyone else at ground zero to get roasted).
In Shadowrun, I've seen pool cues, pool balls, used as improvised weapons but those are somewhat common.

The wierd kinda stuff I've seen used included, old half-eaten moldy stinky pizza (thrown in the face of a humanis follower as a distraction to get the initiative on them), a steering wheel (thrown frisbee-style to try and stop a fleeing target), strands of beaded curtain (to strangle someone though it was for interrogation purposes not killing).

I'll probably remember more later.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (John Campbell)
One time, I beat a guy to death with a motorcycle.

..I had a Champions character beat someone into submission with a diesel bus engine.
grappling hook- i killed one troll and several orcs with one.

dare rat- i let a dare rat loose in a persons bed room as the slept to kill them. it was a contact killing.

one magic bean, one catapult, and a mound of earth. add water- the magic bean turned into a large pyramid in mid air over a large army... ya, that was a very large size gooy spot

i'm pretty sure there were other instants but i can't seem to remeber them
Chuck Norris
Suicide Zombies. Kill the target's significant other in such a way that doesn't damage the face or limbs. Reanimate the corpse and stuff it with C12 before sending it home.
The Jopp
A sammy with a full cyber replacement body (It worked well when wielded by the ork streetsam).

Let’s just say that my character got quite bruised by it. (he was the “club”, but it worked) grinbig.gif
A dwarf adept with the name "Paveway", thrown by his massively cybered troll-companion "Pitcher" at my spider totem adept. o_O
Kremlin KOA
note to myself
NEVER naming a runner 'Catcher'
Fire Extinguisher (improv smoke grenade/club)
Plate Glass Window (placed and braced in front of the exit)
A bucket of ... water... from the sewage treatment plant. (balanced on top of a door)
A light pistol (secreted on the mark before he went through security -- though I guess we used security as the improv weapon in that case)
A decrative pillar (in a lobby, knocked down onto the target)
A security camera (ripped off the wall, swung from the cable)
A broom (bristle end shoved in someone's face, partially blinding them temporarily)
A bucket of water and a marble floor (slippery when wet, and +TN to dodge...)

I think the oddest improv weapon was someone else's cyber spur.

A stick, like a staff, some duct tape, and... a badger.

To activate the badgerstick, you beat the heavy end on the ground a few times, then poke it at your enemy.

If you have the strength, try replacing the badger with a wolverine. I'd recommend using a metal signpost for this one.
Oxygen tanks as projectiles. it was tn 12 to hit using int, and the guy pulled it off.
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