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Full Version: I Want You To Join My Cult
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Ancient History
At first, you thought it was just a club...a place to hang out with like minded people and catch up on the latest buzz. Then you were noticed. Your new friends started talking to you much more candidly. What reached the street as rumors was bandied about as old news. You listened and waited. Those more senior to you noticed this and approved. Suddenly you were entrusted with tasks. Small things at first. At first you were insulted...until you realized they were testing you. Seeing if you had the mettle to be inducted deeper. To be one of them. Before you know it...

[ Spoiler ]
... Your hunting for the perfect cheese to compliment that fruity red, all the while setting up the quietest assanation on a foreign diplomat ever. It's all a giant militant dining club for criminals. You do weird stuff on their behalf but at the weekly dinners you meet all the movers in the local shadows.
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