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I dont know if anyone noticed, but i was made the Dumpshock news editor (i guess) i suppose the point was to avoid cluttering the forums with posts about news topics. I suppose the best way to get them to me is either in a pm, or through aim or yahoo. on aim i am d a her m 3610 and on yahoo it's her man 36 07

without all of the spaces, ofcourse.
what sort of news do you mean? News about Sr and the site or "rl" news items that seem to relate to SR?
i know it's the rl science/somehow related to SR news. i think adam is still posting the SR news.
Naw -- go ahead and post SR news, news about new websites, software, whatever. I'll add a blurb to the front page shortly about how people can submit news to you.
Fire Hawk
Good to hear it, guys.

Wait, I just realized - I'm back here at DS after yet another (far too long) hiatus, and I haven't heard anything about Paolo, Dvixen, or the other admins.

How is everyone, anyway?
ok, then what exactly counts as "sr" news? book releases et al?
QUOTE (Aku @ May 7 2006, 06:59 PM)
i know it's the rl science/somehow related to SR news.

I for one would be keen on the idea of a central repository of all the real-life tech that is approaching SR achievements. Recently we've had people post individual threads about radio-control sharks, cybereyes for blind people, a tongue electrode datajack, and other stuff like that. If there was a centralised news area all these different threads could be collected together into that would be fantastic.
try just going to wink.gif comments can be let there, and i think thats what adam was shooting for, eliminating all of the threads and just having the discussions as comments, but thats just what i thought, i could be wrong.
Not trying to eliminate the discussion here, but trying to make more of a central repository for that sort of news and make it more accessible for those who don't visit the forums.

As for posting SR news, it's really up to you how much you post -- obviously I think book/PDF releases should be mentioned, but mostly I think the news should focus on fan stuff -- new sites, resources, programs, etc.
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