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Full Version: What information is available for the CAS?
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My search-fu is either weak or I am a lot more tired than I thought. I'm going to go with tired. Is there a source book for the CAS? I am thinking of running a game out of Atlanta and/or the surrounding areas.

Thanks in advance for the help.
I don't know of a sourcebook that deals excusively with the CAS, but the SONA (Shadows of North America) sourcebook has a section on the CAS.
Kyoto Kid
...somewhat related (loosely) is a movie that just premiered this weekend titled "CSA" directed by Spike Lee. A "What If" story where the South won the Civil War done in the style of a Discovery/History Channel documentary.
Target:Smuggler Havens features New Orleans, and mentions tha Atlanta is the capitol after N.O. lost the bid, so all of the megas have offices there. If you don't have T:SH s I'd recommend it.Gives maps for routes, lots of neat stuff for smuggler info, and really good sections on New Orleans and Vladivostok. Not precisely what you're looking for but helpful at the least.
I'll second shadows of North America it has stuff on alot of the CAS locations the info is set a little after the events of the comet so that makes it the most up to date book i do belive.
to go a little further back in time I believe neoanarchist guide ot north america (got nerps?) has a section either on cas or atlanta specifially. It'd need to be updated somewhat, like a decade and a half worth of history, but it'd be a good starting point, esp if used in conjunction with sona
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