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Full Version: what is wired and what is not?
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What common things are still not wireless?
On a recent run, we were in a highrise apt. buiklding and the doors were all hard wired. Is there a norm? Are most doors hard wired or wrieless? What about other objects?
Kanada Ten
That's really a GM question, but we could assume that only things built within the last 5 years would be fully wireless. Most older buildings would only upgrade as needed, maybe wireless cleaning bots, but still wired elevator and hard systems.
Mostly anything build after the Crash 2.0. I mean, geez, you can get underwear with wireless storage space in them. And many things are retro-fitted to work with the Wireless Matrix. It's pretty ubiquitous.
James McMurray
Also, many things were already wireless. It isn't brand new technology, it's just much more prevalent now.
There are still people who live without any sort of telephone service today. There'll certainly be some places where wireless technology isn't in use. However, they're the exception rather than the rule.

If there's a strong story reason for something to be wired, then it'll be wired. Otherwise, things really should be wireless.
emo samurai
This doesn't really make sense to me: how does having everything wireless keep people from getting infiltrated by AI? It was said that the whole reason for the wireless revolution was so that everything could be totally decentralized, but now you have your car, your appliances, and your door all hooked up to the Internet.
James McMurray
You can be wireless and not hooked up to the Matrix. The security systems inside a large corporation could be completely wireless, but with external jammers and anti-wireless paint used to seal it off from the rest of the world.

Edit: And if something is truly precious, you leave it wired.
The Jopp
Most older buildings would probably have a wireless antenna on top hardwired to the apartments or people would have added their own antenna with conversion kits add-ons or suchlike. Run-down areas and secure buildings would probably either lack it completely or have an extra antenna for those purposes.

Inner city Seattle: 99% wireless
Redmond: 10-20% wireless 30-50% partially wireless 50-100% no wireless or wire att all, perhaps a piece of string. biggrin.gif
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