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Full Version: Biowere grades
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Kovu Muphasa
Where are the cost for getting Basic Biowere "Cultured"?
Is it the same as Cyberwere now?
They gotta leave something for the next 'ware book. wink.gif

Kremlin KOA
in SR4 it seems to be the same as cyberware grades
what... what the hell is that? a seemingly normal man who turns into a suprathyroid gland under the light of the full moon? i'm so confused!
It is not listed in SR4. The safest way to go is to say the stuff listed as cultured in the book is the only cultured stuff available at the moment at book price. I'm sure that in future SR products they will add more and give a price index.
Kovu Muphasa
Thank all of you for your input
I am making this statement to clarafy what has been said
I can not get Delta-Grade Cat's Eyes corect
In SR4 you CAN get delta grade cats eyes (though why you would want to is beyond me)
Yes, "Cultured" is just a fluff qualifier now (barring any extra rules being added in the augmentation book). Bioware, Cultured and not, are available in the same grades as cyberware. Go check the Shadowrun 4 forum. There was a thread some time back that ended in someone emailing Rob Boyle to confirm that.
I believe after the above mentioned thread that the conclusion was the only in game effect of Bioware being cultured is that you can't get it used and expect it to work. Other than that it uses the Nromal, Alpha, Beta, Delta rules.
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