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Full Version: Edge and Expected values
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So, I opened up Microsoft Excel and whipped up a spreadsheet to calculate tyhe expected values of using Edge to reroll instead of adding bonus dice and the Rule Of Six. Here are the points where it gets to be more advantegeous to reroll, for each Edge score:
1: Dice pool of 3
2: Dice pool of 6
3: Dice pool of 8
4: Dice pool of 11
5: Dice pool of 13
6: Dice pool of 16
7: Dice pool of 18 (exactly equal results expected)
8: Dice pool of 22

Here's to optimal use of Edge.
Kanada Ten
So... If I have a Dice Pool of 3 and only 1 Edge, it makes more sense to Reroll than to Add Edge?
I consider the reroll rule a design brainfart. It is way too good. I would have either just cut it entirely (preferred, Edge already has enough options in this area), or had the reroll only of 2,3,4 holding over both the hits AND the 1s (and 2s if you are hurrying an Extended Test).
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