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Full Version: Le Parkour
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Personally i've got a scad of physeds and they are gun swinging yahoos...but through the videos of Le Parkour i've shown what a Physad can do with that measly athletics increase.

Got a link to some of the uberness for those that don't know. The first bit is kinda crap but it improves.

definitely not work safe because of the adds. If anyone wants the link hit me up. don't wanna be Smited by Jury (don't remember me> slow memory you prick =P) (TM forgot the code to add it), and ill send it along, advised the site has serious porn adds awsome vid though.
high athletics, but they would also have some other powers in there, freefall, mighty jump?? (I cannot remember exact name). They would also have a high quickness and body. (Their body is reflected in bone density from all the compression)
SOme Parkour on this dudes web page under twisted TV.

They cool

For those of you unfamiliar with the term "Le Parkour", click here.
I like to show that to people who take a high athletics skill, and show them what they are getting. Its like turning on a lightbulb.
(why yes, I DO like a little Hollywood in my games!)
I love parkour.
for all people looking for psy-ad inspiration grinbig.gif grinbig.gif grinbig.gif
Just as long as people remember that the videos have the screw-ups edited out already.

I'd imagine that, among amateurs, there are quite a few injuries.
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