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Full Version: Meetup-style Site for Shadowrun?
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I've played Shadowrun on line for years via MUSH and bboards, but I haven't played in person since my college years. I'd really like to get something happening like one weekend a month or so but have been unable to find many others in my area that play anything other than White Wolf or D&D, so I am wondering if anyone knows of any sites out there that try to match people up who want to play SR with others in their vicinity? Any leads will be appreciated!
Kyoto Kid
..what city/state/country?
This may help you out:
Local game stores usually have gamer registries on a bulletin board or on their web-page. At least, they do around here.
There's also the GM-Player registry here.

Another one on

And there are assorted RPG group oriented Yahoo! Groups. I'm aware of ones for Cleveland, Detroit, Lansing, and Seattle. If you need one of those, PM me for the link. If you need another major metropolitan area try searching. smile.gif
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