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Sometimes folks come up with ways to make playing a game easier. Here's one I came up with.

I put some pics of my shadowrun dice on my Shadowrun Resources web site. I just took some blue dice with white pips, colored the 1 with a red Sharpie, and the 2-4 with a blue one. I can't begin to tell you how easy it's made rolling dice and finding hits, and it's relatively easy. The hardest part of creating them is finding dice that are close enough to a Sharpie color to make the unnecessary pips vanish, or at least very hard to see. I highly recommend using dice that have white pips; they're a lot easier to color, and very easy to see if you are using darkly-colored dice.

Anybody else?
Thorn Black
Love them. Great idea.

Idea pinched wink.gif
I use the trade-in mechanic almost exclusively for non-strenuous tests.

Technomancer wants to whip up a baby sprite to go data gather, trade successes (compare how many he can get by trading 4:1 and he's got it.) If he wants bigger than that, roll the dice.

This same thing works well for my tech savvy people who want to do some basic data gathering and powers through the legwork and pre-summoning.

Once things get crazy with bullets flying by etc, I have people roll the dice as normal.
That's actually a pretty good idea. I've got one player who takes *forever* to pick through his dice and find the successes... I should get a bunch of dice and do that to 'em.
I even use the trade dice 4:1 for some strenous situations, a car being hit by low level bullets. If it has enough to shake it outright, I allow it
I think I'm going to get a set and try out Aaron's EasyDice System too.
Big D
Dicebots. smile.gif
QUOTE (Aaron)
Sometimes folks come up with ways to make playing a game easier. Here's one I came up with.

Taking a cue from SR Missions, I'm making my own contact "cards" that can be stored in a 9 pocket page.

I'm also going to make some for certain pieces of gear, and weapons. My hope is that we can determine what someone has on them by what cards they've pulled out. Ill probably make them for vehicles too, so I don't have to have a separate sheet.

BTW: I love the dice... I just wish I had thought of it... I did have the idea of printing stickers to put on dice for things like random hit locations, weather, etc.
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