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Full Version: Need some important dates
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I'm working with the players to incorporate their characters' lives into the modern world of 2070, and I need some specific dates (month, date, and year) that I can't find in the SR4 book I have with me here at work. If any of your could give me some quick dates, I would be much appreciated.

1. The establishment of the Chicago Containment Zone
2. The Cermak Blast
3. The Renraku Arcology Shutdown
4. The Arcology re-opening
5. The Novatech IPO / Second Matrix Crash

Kanada Ten
2055 - August 23rd the wall goes up for the CZ.

2055 - October 1 is the Cermak Blast

2059 - December 19 Renraku Shutdown

2061 - Shutdown ends (May, I think)

isn't there a timeline of some kind on the net? possibly at AH's site?
Crash 2 Nov. 2 9:16 am
QUOTE (Kanada Ten)
2055 - August 23rd the wall goes up for the CZ.

2055 - October 1 is the Cermak Blast

I always got the impression from the text of bug city and Burning bright that the Cermak Blast was september 1st not october. Given bugs IIRC gestate in days rather than weeks, it makes more sense. Though the timeline in Bug City does state October 1st.
May 11, 2061 - Deus is downloaded into the "Mousetrap" and the Archology Shutdown ends. The actual date is mentioned in System Failure, but is of course fluid depending on when it happens in your game.
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