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Full Version: Cyberlimbs-Ideas Requested
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First, let me start by saying that I know that on this forum there has already been a great deal of discussion on this topic in general, however, I am not at all familiar with the content of those threads in their entirety, so if my question has already been rased and discussed, please let me apologize in advance.

I have been playing Shadowrun since first edition was released, and, although there have been a great deal of changes in the rules along the long rules road between the first rule book and fourth edition, one thing has remained more or less consistent-the approach to cyberlimbs as cybernetic augmentation that is added on to characters in a piecemeal fashion.

This is a fine approach [regardless of what some may think of the execution of the actual rules] for most circumstances, however, I find that it is somewhat lacking for a specific application I have in mind.

Specifically, I am thinking of a NPC [actually a group of NPCs] for whom a cybernetic body was specifically designed, constructed, and "installed". By body I mean two cyberlegs, two cyberarms, a cybertorso, and a cyberskull. Also, cyberears, cybereyes, and some headware as well.

Now given the rules, it is clear that it is at least part of the "theory" of game cannon that the integration of cybersystems confers both increased capacity as well as capability. Thus the number of extra items that can be placed in a limb for no extra cost, and the reduced cost of limb enhancements if a torso is also present.

From a more abstract PoV, if the designers know that they do not have to worry about integrating their systems on a structural level with flesh and blood parts [no limbs are anchored to anything that is not cybernetic] and do not need to worry about different performance "zones" in the body [no concerns along the lines of how much can cyberarms lift if they need to work with a flesh and blood torso and legs, or, how fast a person with one cyber and one organic leg can run or how high he or she could jump], there is a lot more that can be done.

Obviously the initial and upkeep costs to keep something like this going would be extreme-the NPC's are part of a United States Secret Service like organization run by a MegaCorp, so resources are not really a problem [being funded by evil rich bastards who will do anything to preserve their lives and extend their power].

My question is, what do you think the stats for such an NPC should look like? I would much rather come up with a unique set of stats for them than try to wrestle the cyberlimb rules into submission, so any thoughts from you would be greatly appreciated.

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SL James
Well, first of all I feel like plugging the alternative SL-canon cyberlimb rules before mfb does. nyahnyah.gif

Second, I'd almost consider just investing in a skellbot-type anthroform frame with robotic reflexes and all sorts of other cool stuff with a brain bucket and feeding mechanisms. But then again, I'm weird.

Now then, as for these guys, I'd max out Body and (if using SL's rules) minimize natural Strength and Quickness because... Why bother? The cyberlimbs will take care of themselves. Pplus this way you can jack up their Willpower and Intelligence for higher CP and Reaction and mana (hahaha) spell defense. If you were a brain rigging a drone, you wouldn't even need to worry about the mana spells. Now, as for limbs, screw it - Go for Troll limbs. That way they are bigger, stronger, and just as maximumly Quick and have a high Reaction. You can integrate all sorts of toys into a troll-sized cybertorso for a human that otherwise would not be there (I'd jack up the ECU into high double-digits), although that does merit worth asking why ECU aren't contigent on metatype limb size (they factored in practically every other damn thing). The four limbs, torso and skull give you extra Body and Strength (in addition to the strength enhancements),
so they are the Devil at melee.

So, basically, every physical stat should be in double-digits.
Heck, in your own game you can feel free to disregard the previous cyberzombie construction rules that required you to use heavy magics and the like to make one, and chuck that for a system more like something from Ghost in the Shell. As for stats, I'd say that since its a fully realized body as opposed to pieces here and there, there should be an increase in base/max values for the physical attributes. Since you have less stress depending on natural body and more based on materials used to compose the new body, that opens up a new range of physical stats. I also agree we'd be looking at pretty much double digits for physical stats. For external appearance, I'd say that since you're going essentially more 'robotic' than conventional cybernetic you could still go for near normal sized, which has a nice built in deception. I think Hatchetman commented he still looked like himself, just a little bigger, as a full cyberzombie.
Is there a GITS RPG one could adapt? This sounds a whole lot like Section 9.
SL James
Yeah, there's actually a thread about one in General Gaming.
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