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Full Version: McChord Air Force Base
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Hey gang. I've been working on a former UCAS Air Force hacker character, and I'm looking for a hook to get him into Seattle in the first place. The obvious answer was to have his last duty station at McChord Air Force Base. Briefly looking through the SR books I have at my disposal, I couldn't really find much mention of the base. The only thing I really saw was the McChord Airfield Visitors' Center on page 122 of the Seattle Sourcebook, under the Ft. Lewis section.

I know Ft. Lewis is at least open to some extent. In the 2005 Base Realignment & Closure recommendations, there were a couple issues brought up about the base. One was to bring a squadron from Portland to McChord, implying it would stay open. Another was to relocate McChord's units to Ft. Lewis & create a joint command base. I couldn't find anything about either of those actually occurring though.

So...anybody know of a canon reference for McChord's future?
Yeah, was the first place I looked for info on the base. That was the original hit on the whole BRAC issue. But if you look at the section on the 2005 BRAC, it says recommendations. It doesn't say that anything has actually occured with it, which in my experience, GlobalSecurity is generally quick with their updates.

I tried visiting McChord's public web page, but unfortunately it's usefulness is roughly equivalent to shit. There's almost nothing on it, to the point of looking like a work in progress. Which I find odd for an established base.
SL James
You could have mentioned that.

But, no, until the next couple of Defense appropriations bills come out there's no real indicator of what is going to happen short of following the politics of the area.
Yeah. I just didn't know if anybody had seen a reference to it in any random Shadowrun book. I guess it's just kind of GM discretion if not.
Well, as someone just assigned to McChord AFB, I can tell you that IRL, they are forming a plan to combine both bases into a joint-branch Army-Air Force "megabase."

When it will be approved and put into effect, that's still up in the air. If anything, you could just say that is where the Metroplex Guard is stationed out of.
Kick ass Dingus, thanks for the hands-on info. I know the Seattle Sourcebook said something about the Metro Guard being stationed on Ft. Lewis, so sounds like the angle I'll be taking, since nobody seems to have a canon reference to the base.
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