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Full Version: 6th world borders
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I'm trying to mark a road atlas with 6th world North American borders, (Yes, the old pen & paper way of doing things... I'm old.) and I could use a hand.

What are some landmarks to help me locate exactly where the borders lie in your necks of the woods? As an example, it looks like the UCAS/Sioux border follows the line between time zones. Is that correct? Best guesses on exactly where the Aztlan/CAS border runs, and so forth...
Circa when? 2064? 2070?

Just going off of 2070, the Aztlan border (with the help of Google Earth), looks like is sort of follows highways pencil this in on your map and see if it works.

From Corpus Cristi go straight north until you hit HWY 77
follow that until it hits HWY 290
join I-10 west of austin.
follow 10 until your directly south of the west line of the panhandle (the "top" of texas)
hook straight north until you hit HWY 380.
Follow that until you run into I-10 again.
take I-10 to I-8 take 8 until it hits water in San Diego.

I'll look into some other borders too, later.
This thread contains some write ups I'd done earlier on the Seattle Border
Say 2060, SR3 for sure.
Some time ago I downloaded a copy of a 2060 world map that someone had made up which has prooved to be very useful.

After a brief search I found it again here:

This might help.
Thanks. I know that maps are plentiful, but what I was looking for was folks with local knowledge who could observe where the borders would likely go in terms of local landmarks. Kiedo has posted exactly what I was thinking of.
The ubbergeek
For Quebec, it's maybe the simplest ever - it's about the same as in our world, albeit Labrador was taken in, and Anticosti isle seems UCAS now for some weird reason, as perhaps Iles-de-la-Madelaine.
Zut alors!
The ubbergeek
Zut alors!

Tsť veut dire! biggrin.gif nyahnyah.gif
iron mouser
I agree with Kiedo for the most part, except for the very end. I would have the Azzies take along the 8 and then follow the 52. This will give it a look that is closer to what is in the book.

Personally, I would have the Azzies push to the southern borders of Encinitas/San Marcos/Escondido.
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