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Does anyone know of some good sites to find like maps of the SR4 world (other than the book) but also just general floorplans of offices, bars, and other various scenes runners will come across. I'm not really looking for battlemaps but general maps that I don't have to create but can toss on the table and say this is the schematics you were given for the job, or you come into a room like this. The gaurds are here and there. Things like that. I like to have a lot of visuals for my players so they can get a good idea of the setup.

Thanks in advance
Seattle Map

Amazing attention to detail, sadly if you want to zoom in too far, you have to switch to "map", as the "border" map doesn't go deep enough.

World Map

This again is very useful. It's technically SR3, I think but still for the most part relevant.

Office Building Floor Plans

This has 16 different office buildings, from single offices to corporate buildings.

Various Building Plans

Home floor plans

If you need more, I'd suggest google, that's were I found all of that.

Me personally, I use graph paper, a ruler, and a pen. Then I copy it, to get rid of the blue lines and color it in with some markers.

Hope that helps
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