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Full Version: Being a brain in a jar
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Being a bodyless head used to really stink. But it's gotten a bit better! Were they satisfied watching endless tv? Maybe, but not so much, now that we can control robots using brainwaves.

In a video demonstration in Tokyo, brain signals detected by a magnetic resonance imaging scanner were relayed to a robotic hand.  A person in the MRI machine made a fist, spread his fingers and then made a V-sign.  Several seconds later, a robotic hand mimicked the movements.
What Honda calls a "brain-machine interface" is an improvement over past approaches, such as those that required surgery to connect wires.  Other methods still had to train people in ways to send brain signals or weren't very accurate in reading the signals, Kamitani said.
Kanada Ten
"Nixon's back, bitches!"
Good thing htis wasn't around when they designed Futurama's hall of famous heads.
QUOTE (Kanada Ten)
"Nixon's back, bitches!"

First thing I thought too. biggrin.gif

That, and I got the sudden desire to go to a Beck show.

@op: thanks for the heads up.
Yup, my first thought too. scary.
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