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Has anyone compiled a list of where each rulebook and sourcebook falls within the overall timeline? I know that SR3 started in 2060 and I've heard that SR4 starts around 2070 . . .

I'm trying to gather a complete collection of 2060-2065 information. As an example, I don't know where Target: UCAS and Target: Smuggler Havens fall within the timeline and the rules systems. Are they pre-2060? Are they SR2 or SR3 compatible? I'd hate to buy a book that used an older version of the rules . . .
This page covers all [most?] of the FASA published books:

Most of the Target series of books had very minimal rules information -- both Target: Smugglers Havens and Target: Wastelands have roughly 18 pages of "Game Information", not all of which is mechanics.

2060 to 2065 is really SR3-era only books, which is basically FASA books from mid 1998 to 2001, and FanPro books from 2001 until SR4 in 2005.
I made up this list for my own use, so I figured I'd share it. The dates are the initial post at the start, usually by Captain Chaos if there is one, or the setting date. Anything without a date has no "in character" information.

Corporate Punishment (Adventure)
Cannon Companion
Shadowrun Companion
*Corporate Download - 26 February 2061
*Dragons of the Sixth World - 16 February 2063
First Run
Magic in the Shadows
Man and Machine - 2061
Matrix - 2061
*New Seattle - 8 August 2060
*Renraku Arcology Shutdown - 10 February 2060
Rigger 3
*Shadows of North America - 14 August 2062
*Sprawl Survival Guide - 30 April 2063
*State of the Art 2063 - 5 January 2063
*State of the Art 2064 - 20 December 2063
*Target: Awakened Lands - 12 June 2062
*Target: Matrix - 1 August 2061
*Target: Wastelands - 16 September 2062
*Threats 2 - 11 July 2061
*Wake of the Comet - 2062
*Year of the Comet - 1 January 2061

There's also System Failure, which has stuff that covers a fair bit of time, plus...
[ Spoiler ]

And don't forget Brainscan...
[ Spoiler ]

I haven't got Shadows of Asia or Loose Alliances yet, so I haven't added them to the list yet.
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