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Full Version: Agents and frames, a matter of numbers...
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Here's my question how many of a single frame/agent program can a Decker have up loaded and active on a system at a time?
Going on conventional logic, theortically as many as they are willing to upload and get away with?
Thanking you in advance for your relevent thoughts on the matter. grinbig.gif
Hmmm, echo?
Well thanks for keeping it relevent.
Guess am going to have to make this up as I go along....
More detail perhapes?
My decker PC has irked a Vindictive flaw npc decker who has used the considerable time to plan and program a revenge. On the Seattle RTG has 'currently' shielded behind fake IPX accounds (100NY on the black market) four attack agents with the black hammer utility and other combat utilties. There is a smart frame also shielded behind a fake account doing endless LOCATE DECKER system operations till the PC decker appears. It then emails the agents to attack with the location of the PC icon and keeps them updated should the decker Evade and run off.
The agents have a simple plan of all out cyber combat attack in an attempt to kill said PC. They have nearly succeeded twice, the PC burning karma to log off and having back up from a friend the latter encounter.

I am currently working on the agents being the same agent program uploaded and running four times. Cost, time and IC/ Sec deckers limiting the operational number of active Agents to prevent Matrix: Reloaded action scenes on the RTG.
A firmer causality of a ruling is the intent. Thanks for any help in this matter.
as far as I remember, the decker can upload as many agents as he wants if he has control of the system. If there are too many of course then, the sysadmins will notice the amount of memory/cycles taken up and purge them.
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