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Full Version: Another Character Sheet
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So, after being volunteered for another Shadowrun campaign (the other having closure on an interesting note about 2 weeks back), I decided to burn up some free time and make my own custom character sheet for this group of newbies.

The format I ended up with was similar to mintcars style of sheets, since I liked the look of them from the start, but with some expanded data and a more graphic background (which you will likely reconise as the same background used for the sample characers.)

There are two versions: Standard and Form Fillable

They weigh in at a heavy 3937kb and 4112kb repectively. Trust me, though, its worth the file size. biggrin.gif

But thats just my opinion, lets see what everyone else thinks. cool.gif
"530 Incorrect Login" is all I am gettin' chief.
Alright. Seems the ftp server has some issues, so I decided to host it on File Lodge. Hopefully that takes care of that.

Standard and Form Fillable

Lets see if that take care of that problem...
Just wondering. Are the links working fine for all?
I was able to get the ones off of File Lodge to download but I had to use IE instead of Safari on my mac in order to do so. I would figure that's File Lodge's issue and has nothing to do with your file.

I like the sheets, but I'm not sure about the graphical background. I like a cleaner, black and white sheet that will print clean on a laser printer. I'm also not sure how much I like the diagonal divisions between table cells: it's a bit hard on the eyes as your scanning down a list of implants or weapons or what-have-you.

But all-in-all it's a great looking sheet.
My personal preference is to have each subset of char type have it's own sheet. So have a Magic Sheet (Adepts, Mystics, etc.), Hacker Sheet (Technomancers), Common sheet that includes all the items these char types have in common (Cyber/Bio, Gear, Skills) and a Vehicle/Drone sheet.

Despite my personal prefs, it looks nice.
It seems to print well in black and white, but it does use a bit much toner (unless you use kinkos like I do). At some point, I'm sure I'll get around to a style of sheet that uses far less toner/ink.
I'm not sure how it looks in ink.

I was simply trying something new for the angled boxes, and while it looks daunting on the screen, it prints rather well.
My adobe 7.07 will not open the file.
I can't open it either.
Seems to work fine on mine. Same version. Anyone got any ideas as to why? I've no clue.
I wasn't able to open it either.
It seems like it won't download into the Acrobat Reader and attempting to simply save the file just saves a bit of HTML.

I am really looking for a form fillable PDF sheet or an Excel sheet for SR4 if anyone has one. It looks like I'll be running a game with pre-generated characters and my handwriting is awful, so any shortcuts would be wonderful.
I can't open either, the screen just goes white then moans a lot.
QUOTE (NightHaunter)
I can't open either, the screen just goes white then moans a lot.

That's not a character sheet, that's yeti porn.
I am getting bad links and inability to download. Too bad, I am a fan of character sheets made by people other than the publisher.
You might need to simply have to right click on the redirecting link (the one that counts down at the top) and select the save as option. Browsers seem to have trouble with image heavy files like this one.

Try that. Hopefully I'll also get it hosted on something more reliable too. I'm working on that...
Yup, that did it.
Very nice looking. I especially like the transparency on the form windows. If I had a good colour printer I might use these, as they seem to fit my needs for some reason wink.gif .
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