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Full Version: Athletics 7 in SR4
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David Belle is...

... God


Someone please tell me I'm not the only one impressed by those two clips.
Austere Emancipator
At least you didn't mentioned adepts. smile.gif I think clips like these are kinda useful in that they show the limitations of even the highest Athletics skills and physical attributes.

The tune that starts off the first clip ("russian climbing") has been bugging me for weeks. What's it called?
It's the music from The Matrix.

[EDIT] I think it's called Spybreak by the Propellerheads... I think.
Austere Emancipator
Yep, where Morpheus first describes the agents to Neo -- the woman in the red dress scene. I know that. Doesn't really help me track down the individual song, though. smile.gif
Quick Google search.
Austere Emancipator
Oo, didn't know they had audio samples at Amazon. Thank yous rendered.
(It's Clubbed To Death by Rob D)
David Belle is good... but the other practitioners of Yamakasi are also really really really good... ^_^

More of their athletic goodness:

You can also try a google search by the term "Yamakasi" or "Parkour"


I read about this 'le parcour' some weeks back, because it was mentioned in some thread or another. First time I saw a video about it wink.gif.
Pretty amazing.
And here we have the practical applications. cool.gif

Imagine the rolls you'd have to make. (And make, and make, and make...)
I used to practice "Le Parcour"... I stopped when I became a father, with the lack of sleep and all those things. Seeing these videos makes me want to practice again...

Well, I'm nearly 31 years old now... I don't think I'll be able to become even half good as what I see there... frown.gif

For the younger who read this: Life is short... Do what you can while you can...
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Smiley)
Imagine the rolls you'd have to make. (And make, and make, and make...)

Not to mention all those handy ropes, cars, trashcans, etc. that you'd have to set up beforehand.
Na, the spirit is to clear obstacles as effective as possible. So if there are ropes are trashcans or cars, of course you use them.

Hm, I admit, in those videos they probably are not there by accident biggrin.gif.

Keep them videos coming nyahnyah.gif.
from the shadowrun side of things... strength and agility are they key attributes. orks and elves will be even better than humans (elves at the gymnastics, orks at the run/climb).

with bioware, muscle toner/augmentation is going to signifigantly improve ones ability, as is enhanced articulation, and synthcardium. at chargen, with athletics 4, agility and strength 5(7), synthcardium 3, reflex recorder (group), and articulation, thats 16 dice. compare to the very best human, skill 7, atribute 7, and specialization... its actualy pretty easy to hit that level of performance with augmentation.

also.. you cant get athletics 7. i beleive you meant gymnatics 7- you cant get a skill group past 6. impressive video clip though.
Actually the first clip wouldnt be 'Le Parcour', most of what hes doing is too inefficent. Watch A) how fast, and B) how efficent Belle moves in that second clip. PK rolls out of everything and converts it into fwd. momentum.
I want to know something....

Why exactly is there never a tough, bare-chested woman in these movies.
Justin Cray
Go see Banlieue 13.

Horrible acting, but the Parkour is very cool. Also kind a Shadowrunish.

Edit: this wasn't meant as a reply to the previous post. smile.gif

Edit Edit: I just now see I have no title, I'm an Invisible Target. biggrin.gif
Justin: You got my hopes up. Bastard.

Also: You're an Invisible Target. That's funny. When do I get upgraded to Shooting Target?
This would be the better end of "Free Running" that some of my friends do.
That master escape video was sweet. Most of the thugs I used to associate with in my rowdier days, nay, ALL of them wouldn't even bother trying to catch that guy about 25 seconds into the vid. The first big jump and they'd be saying to hell with it, same with most of the cops I know.
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