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Full Version: Idea for a Critter Run
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Giant Rodents Invade Senior Community

Ok so they aren't really Devil Rats but you sure could substitute Devil Rats and make a run out of this.

You are approached by a gentleman in his mid 70's: "Yeah my name's Johnson and my neighborhood is being overrun by giant rodents, the county told me you could help"
Or better yet, Demon Rats that regenerate. Nasty. It could easily be somewhere in the Barrens - or better yet in a D or E zone where exterminators won't go, but you still have to worry about residents and (if you get too out of hand) Lone Star.

I haven't done this yet, but I always wanted to use a Devil and Demon rat swarm on the PCs and have some of the rats be mutated, with the Spray critter power. They'd just rear up on their hind legs and start peeing at the PCs. Guaranteed to make characters sick and/or disgust players horribly.
Wounded Ronin
I'm definitely an advocate of spraying the player characters with sticky, paralytic goop. If they complain point out that at least it's not napalm.

You could say that the sticky goop is very hard get off of one's skin and basically use that as a way to get the PCs to remove armor.

Hmm, that gives me an idea for a new thread. One sec...

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