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Full Version: Utopia in Shadowrun
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emo samurai
I know all about the gated "This is our paradigm" communities; where everyone pretty much thinks the same things and follows the same ideas. Wicca covens, corporate arcologies, Native American villages, etc. To each ideology its police state. But what would a true utopia that solves all the problems present in Shadowrun, the lack of intra-communal diversity contrasting with inter-communal diversity, the gaps between rich and poor, the prevalence of the black market, the tendency of large groups to assimilate smaller ones?
One word: personafix.
I say the Matrix.

Everyone is hooked up to a machine that provides them a simulated VR world.

But they're happy.

So whose fooling who?

The ubbergeek
The thing is, as they iromised... All good dreams (and they are still a lot), all ideals, all the better world speak, etc... All end up corrupted and fades into a banal, worthless reality, so to speak.

At best, the lesser evil....
Calvin Hobbes
Also, the matrix as a reality is only available to those who can afford it. Legally, you need a SIN to access the Matrix.
Eden:, scientists stumble upon a poweful site which has 4 rivers flowing from it, but cannot penetrate the barrier/gates. for some reason it will not show up on satellite (physical warp or is on a metaplane or Shangrila is discovered within a cave in ireland.

I think that Utopia would be on a metaplane, and accessed through a doorway/gate and based on some kind of mythology.
Hey, I got some beetles you might be interested in. First one's on me, chombatta. Trust me, Thomas More didn't have nothin' on what's on this little baby.
Utopia is nowhere no more. Starting just before the dawn of 2060, it is visible from nearly everywhere in Seattle.

When the UB went down any chance at utopia was severely set back wink.gif
emo samurai
If only everyone were a mindless, survivalistic beast, then everyone would be happy.
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