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Full Version: Old-School Matrix Topology Visuals
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Dumpshock as seen as a graph (looks kind of like the old matrix topology--I was thinking it would make a good visual for deckers). Try it with the website of your choice by replacing the terminal URL.
ouch, firefox didnt like that link frown.gif
Hmm. I'm using FF (mac) and have no problems. Just takes a few seconds to load.
heh, maybe its my old computer then. only, it didnt hog the CPU in any way. firefox just stalled, interface and all becoming unresponsive at best...
looks kewl, but it's annoying you can't really put any meaning behind it, for all i know i could be staring at some random dots...

ah well, it's not like i haven't done that before...
hmm, now it works fine. i wonder what happend the last time...

looks cool. alltho as the post above me says, there is no indication about what the dots represent...
Austere Emancipator
That's what bothers me the most as well. Reduces it to a purely visual toy, if a cool one.

[Started mapping CNN.Com like 15 minutes ago, and it's still going. That's one horribly messy setup.]
God damn! But that's purty!

I _think_ I can understand it - having it rendered in 3-d would be rather freakishly cool...

...And then have the titles of the directory's pop up faintly...yeah, now that's a cool visual.


Wow... I have to go open that on my desktop now. Its making my laptop suffer...
What the dots MEAN.

Wow.... its so pretty, and now it MEANS something. Scary
makes me wonder what the form "nova" in the forum comes from...

so its not so much that it maps pages and how they link. it takes one page and basicly breaks its html structure down into a graphics. its not like it builds a tree of how the whole site is interlinked (doing that on cnn, and you would still be waiting 4 days later or something).

ah. found what the nova is, a drop down menu nyahnyah.gif
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