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Full Version: Picture from the book request
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I wanted to show the Ork Gunslinger Girl to a friend who wants to know what Ork girls look like in Shadowrun.

I'd appreciate if someone could help on this end.

She's afraid of playing an "ugly" one.
Its based off your Charisma and how you want your char to look. A good looking person could be a complete jackass and have a cha of 1. But a ugly person could be really nice and friendly having a cha of 5-6.

I dont have a scanner, but i can tell you that the orks in SR are nothing like the orks in D&D nor Tolken's world. The ones in SR basicly look like normal people who have been to the gym alot and have tusks where the bottom k9s would be.
That's how they are in my games. I despise most of the Ork art in SR. That gunslinger in SR4 is one of the best pictures of a SR ork I've ever seen.

Nicest place for orc pictures I've seen is Earthdawn, particularly the Cara Fahd source book, orcs look "bestial" but that doesn't mean ugly just odd, there's a couple of amazing almost feline (not cat girl) female orcs in there.
If you go to there is some of the artwork from the 4th edition book... including the races.
Here you go:
Additionally, the artist (Shane Coppage) has an online gallery with most of his shadowrun artwork on display, without all the annowing text.
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