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Okay, maybe I'm not the first to come up with this idea but tell me what you think. The book says you can chose to present the appearance of your aura to be your choice of look mundane, look as if your aura is higher or lower than it actually is, or appear as another type of creature. It goes on to say that when someone sees through an aura they see both the false aura and the true aura. What are the chances someone could present a false aura on top of what the assenser would assume is the true aura. This way it will make it appear anyone who is assensing their aura is seeing the true aura while all they are really seeing is an extra false aura. Could this be done or should this be a separate metamagic of its own? Your thoughts would be appreciated.
QUOTE (6thDragon)
Could this be done[...]

You can't create yourself a second aura. If someone notices your disguise, he identifies the false aura as such and can percieve the true one.
Just as with an illusion spell you manage to resist. You see the illusion, but you know it is one and also see the truth behind it.
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