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Full Version: A different kind of weapon?
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This ones a little weird...

So, I was reading the manual again, came across the pain inducer and immediately thought of the classic movie "Orgazmo". Am I crazy for thinking of the roleplaying memories that cold be created if one made a Fichetti pleasure inducer? Would that even be conceivable in SR4 times? Thoughts?

But perhaps on a more realistic level, would it be possible to attack someone with a BTL? I know it says that you need a chipjack or datajack, but aren't hose wireless now? And if so, could it be possible to somehow transmit a BTL to a DNI somehow and pretty much cripple the person combat wise?

i would say if you can hack into their PAN, you could indeed (theoretically) load up a BTL or something.

keep in mind that you could instead just shoot them, probably several times, in that timeframe, as well... so it's really not all that great, to be honest.

also, they'd have to have appropriate hardware... no hotsim modification, no BTL (though you could certainly activate normal simsense, and force them to deal with those consequences).

also, you're not strictly speaking helpless when in VR/BTL... just a lot less able to defend yourself.
well, the easiest way to mess with someone is to hit their AR, and blind them- fill the entire screen with thousands of pop-ups with strobe-like flashing that would induce seizures. add in loud blaring noises for the earplug, and you have rendered the AR (and thus the smartlink and other fun toys) useless until they kick you out.

easiest trick is to disable the commlink. if its implanted, this may be more difficult.

The commlink attack is a scary thing in SR4. you have to have one for basicly everything... and the lack of know-how the average person has puts them at considerable risk. If you have a disadvantage like being Scorched, then your risk factor is even higher. BTL is how a hacker can hit your willpower in a gunfight.
A pleasure inducer, that just gave pleasure wouldn't work out too well for riot control. They'd be trying to get closer to it instead of furthur away from it. Unless of course it caused them to be so caught up in it that it would have the same effect. However it encourages rioters to act up to get shot with it. People will be addicted to getting shot at by riot police.

As for how, well simsense does not come standard on commlinks so simsense base wouldn't work to well. Maybe a super squit mixing DHMSO mixed with endorphins?
In order to run a BTL attack on someone, they need to have a BTL modified Sim Module. If they have an ordinary Sim Module, the simsense cutoff will limit the effectiveness of the feed. It would be distrating, but not crippling.

But if they DO have a modified Sim Module... Yeah, you can mess them up reeeal bad...
I considered the attack with a BTL. The problem is the need for a hot sim simlink.

The question becomes where dose the simlink go. Dose it need to attach to the skin or is it just another wirles device you can leav on your bedside tableand still gain the benefit off.

If the second then you can boost the signal from a simlink you own and use that to send them BTL signals.

The idea was to use personofix BTLs with programs like “my loyal attack dog”.

If you cant use such a device at range slapping them with a BTL hot sim comlink would do the trick.

QUOTE (Jaid)
i would say if you can hack into their PAN, you could indeed (theoretically) load up a BTL or something.

keep in mind that you could instead just shoot them, probably several times, in that timeframe, as well... so it's really not all that great, to be honest.

Yeah, but the btl/orgazmo gun would be much more entertaining to me, heh. Thanks all for the opinions.
The problem with that weapon is, if you had one you wouldn't be out shadowrunning, you'd be home shooting yourself. smile.gif
My impression is that the pain inducer works by cooking the target with microwaves. Obviously, that'd cause damage and pain, although it seems it would take a while to do that with the Fichetti.

I'm not sure you can really cook someone (well, most someones) in a way that they'd enjoy.
How very Larry Niven.
QUOTE ("Blackjack's SR3 Archives")

Control Manipulation
Type: Mental
Range: LOS
Target: Willpower ®
Duration: Instant
Drain: (F/2+2)M

When successfully cast, this spell causes the target to experience an orgasmic climax resulting in a pretty good amount of distraction. For each success generated, the target receives a +1 modifier for all actions. The plus modifier decreases by 1 each following turn until it reaches zero.

Example Of Use:

Jill Magician is in a Seattle park watching a speech being made by a local politician, William LaFunk, that she personally hates. She casts Orgasm on him, generating 4 successes while LaFunk generates only 1. A sudden yelp echoes through the park as LaFunk experiences a personal moment in front of 1000 people and is unable to say anything but “Oh, boy....” for the next 9 seconds.

Anything you want technology to do, magic can do easier... cool.gif
QUOTE (Squinky @ Jun 6 2006, 09:38 PM)
immediately thought of the classic movie "Orgazmo"

Orgazmo a classic? Entertaining at least, but Orgazmo isn't Citizen Kane. spin.gif
Come on now, any move that includes backpack wearing morman kung-fu and running around with an orgasm gun shooting old ladys is an instant classic. heh.
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